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EXAMINER Article with Rob Schwartz on East Bay Open Circle

sand Conference, Oct 25-28th, 2012

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Some links to other resources that may be helpful.

Meditation Centers Guide
US calendar of satsangs:

Satsang-givers and other teachers with local connections:

Jon Bernie:
Peter Brown
Paul Hedderman
Dorothy Hunt:
Richard Miller
Pamela Wilson:
Candice O'Denver:
David Spero
John Wheeler:
Kenny Johnson:
Chris Celine

A few local Buddhist Centers and meditation groups:

Berkeley Zen Center:
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley:
East Bay Meditation Center:
San Francisco Zen Center:
Spirit Rock Meditation Center:
Berkeley Shambhala Meditation Center:
Infinite Smile
Bay Area Young Adult Sangha:
Bay Zen Center:
Infinite Smile Sangha
Empty Gate Zen Center:
Buddhist Peace Fellowship:
New Generation Sangha:
Berkeley Mahasiddhas
Nyingma Institute:
Ewam Choden:
Dharmata Foundation:
Insight Meditation Community of San Francisco:
Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City:
Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery:
Cheri Huber:
Vimala Sangha- Mill Valley:
Norman Fischer:
Northern California Vipassana Association (Goenka):

Other local groups/teachers:
Diamond Heart Training Institute:
Green Sangha:
San Francisco Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy:
Nondual wisdom and psychotherapy:
Mind Body Awareness Project

Out of town and also of interest:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Mindful Awareness Research Center:
Interspiritual Dialogue (New York):
Loch Kelly:
Isaac Shapiro:
Joan Tollifson
Scott Kiloby
Catherine Ingram:
Toni Packer:
Stuart Schwartz:
Wayne Liquorman:
Karl Renz
Annette Knopp-
Ellie Collier Re
John Sherman:
Jan Frazier
Leonard Jacobson:
Boulder satsang:
Calgary satsang:
Vancouver satsang:


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